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Monday, June 5, 2017

The Really Gay Chatting World

Years and years ago I most often trolled solo, only occasionally working with others. Over time I realized it was possible to raid chatrooms with others on certain troll-prone sites, but these were hit and miss, and for every deluge of hate and spam there were a half dozen essentially failed raids with at most a dozen people randomly antagonizing chat before being banned.

These days the job of screwing with chatrooms is so easy that I almost worry I'll lose my edge. I should probably go solo sometimes to make up the difference, because lately I've been having fun assaulting room after room, from chat avenue, to xat, to librairc, to icq-chat, to, to some christian sites; it's fun for the whole family, since if even a tenth of a percent of my fans and friends on Youtube join in, that's still more than 130 people; more than sufficient to flood out a chatroom and really whip things into a frenzy. I can't even imagine the mayhem if I had the ambition to coordinate something more effective.

That being said, the world of chatrooms is pretty bad these days anyways- even the more sleek sites look like they were programmed in the vista era, and the number of active users on them ranges from virtually zero to modest at most; chat avenue appears the most used, which is funny, since they'll ban you for insulting others while their bots openly advertise sex cam services in public chat.

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