This blog is a satire of the now-defunct ICQ chat service, which is thankfully dead because I destroyed it.

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Enjoy Yourself, Aussie_Lady? The first Raid

And you were honestly one of the OPs I liked when I was still on the now-extinct actual ICQ of yesteryear. This was just a test of my firepower involving less than five minutes of actual effort. Just imagine what more effort can do. I have more supporters than ICQ ever had active chatters. And Gremlin, I am well aware that the very mention of "John Lennon" gets you banned. If you OPs knew how utterly, hilariously bad an idea it was to ban this term you'd be rubbing your head in sadness at your own retardation. Funnily this just proves even more to me how much you fear me and my presence. If your site had more than a tiny trickle of real users I'd have KO'd it within a month of ICQ going flat.

If you wish to prevent hostility, abide by the same general TOS that the original ICQ was supposed to abide by and do not perturb me for simply being present on your server; you only need fear my presence if you abuse me when I am there. If you do not unban my username as a chat term, and the username itself, and let me register it as I did before, I will come down on your chatting service harder than a boulder dropped off a skyscraper onto the top of a 70s era sub-compact from former Yugoslavia. Libra's site, for all its emptiness, has at least treated me with a modicum of respect when I am present there. It is a sad situation that you do not see the stupidity in not doing the same.


  1. Lv.9 autist hippie pot-head that doesn't have the mental capacity to realise he's not some online hero just a left-wing neanderthal tard-neck mama-boy with inferior native American genetics and cultural values.

    This piece of shit nu' male even thinks Gremlin is an Op there, when he wasn't even an Op before the split on the Libra server and still isn't. This gender-neutral feather-pygmy doesn't even know that his name is banned there because his autist minions where repeating it to flood, not because that server gives any fuck about his Cherokee pre-evolutionary presence.

    What's even funnier are the stupid ideas in his wacky damaged head which makes him believe in memetics and shit even children with a modicum of scepticism would scoff at.

    But that's what you have when you put a liberal-cuck on 4Chan and expect him to be a man when he's a half-woman blob-head that lives under his parents.

    This is Iconoclast. The real legend of ICQ which this beta male Pocahontas used to scurry from in defeat and remorse. And who tried to settle this childish feud before he realized the down-syndrome autists he was dealing with.

    1. Is ICQ still extant? My point is made.

      For anyone that might see this, this is example #1 of how you get a chatting site destroyed by raids.