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Friday, August 5, 2016

Coming Soon... By the One, the Only, JohnLennon... Sickness In Hell

I already tormented a few ICQ chat users from time to time with brief passages from Morbid Stories which I pasted from a notepad file, spamming people with hideous gastrointestinal references. When I saw other users trying to bother people I said "you're all like aimless gibbons trying to perform feats of nuclear physics" and devastated all before me with a tidal wave of sheer hatred and evil.

It is this prime ethos that stands behind the eternal (black) light of mankind; "Sickness in Hell." I've read hundreds of works within the horror genre including more than a few good splatterpunk novels, and nothing ever dreamed up by anyone has come close to the titillating level of morbidity and grotesquery that I began working on as early as 2007 when I was still in high school. Years went by, with the original text essentially complete but never compiled and made into the novel it was meant to be. Now is the time that this changes.

I have already completed the epilogue and first three chapters of what will become my masterpiece; a sheer wall of blasphemy, sickness, disgust, and misanthropy beyond all human comprehension. It's not as clumsy and meandering as some of the admittedly good but poorly made indie stories you can find online if you look hard enough. I remember one short work that involved an elf or gnome of some sort named Felchworth and his anal and oral capabilities, and it was disgusting to be sure but it didn't quite go so far over the top that it literally changes the paradigm of what's possible within literature in the direction of "pure chaotic evil."

It should be noted that the text was literally inspired by demonic forces and that completing it is part of a long standing contractual agreement with multiple diabolical entities.

Look forward to the release of this work in October, or possibly late September if I get bored and decide to go on an editing spree.


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