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Sunday, July 3, 2016

I Outlasted ICQ, And My Projects Are Full Steam Ahead!

After years of chuckling about the flesh eating fungus epidemic on ICQ, which never quite got around to infecting my beautiful Lennon-legs, I have spent the last year predominantly focused on my other works.

As of this time, my Youtube channel is approaching 30,000 subscribers. I passed the 10,000,000 view mark a week ago, although I removed some old detritus and it fell back down below that mark for a whole day before surging right back up across the threshold of legend. All things considered, my daily view count is now well above the traffic that all of ICQ generated towards the end of its existence; this is probably more funny to me than it ought to be. Much like I have no idea why so many Algerians used ICQ, I have no idea why Brazil is so over-represented on my Youtube materials. I don't speak Portuguese, even if it would let me finally edit the infamous Book of Saint Cyprian.

I've edited nearly fifty occult manuscripts in the same period of time- I figure that as long as there is never a world coffee shortage this work will continue. It has become so lucrative that I've drastically expanded my work days to include the late afternoon, just to have more time to edit things. In the last week alone I've released two new works (albeit short ones) and have completed one more, to be upped tomorrow, with a fourth now requiring only its cover art before that too goes online a day later. Sometimes, it takes longer for Amazon to process the files than it does for me to complete the actual editing. If you're interested in any variant of occultism, from alchemy, to dark magick, to pagan rites and folk medicine, you should definitely click here.

In even happier news for the occult-obsessed of the world, I hereby announce that I finally have the disposable income to invest in more physical occult manuscripts to scan and add to the occult archive. I'll be retiring the "Hail the Werewolf" blog while I empty it and move all prior content to its own shiny new home, while re-gearing the former to associate solely with my Youtube channel, which needs its own de facto site in tandem with its own operations. The occult archive doesn't make me money, it's really a money sink, but one I am dedicated to- people should be able to obtain electronic copies of all occult works in high quality; it's the paperbacks that should be purchased for profit.

For those on ICQ who liked the trolling, and who got an absurd euphoria off of toilet humor and blasphemy, the second, much improved edition of Morbid Stories is now available. Later this year, my first true fiction novel, Sickness in Hell, will also be released, Satan willing- after almost a decade I am finally ready to unleash this hellish manuscript of pure, unadulterated degeneracy and evil on the world.

I only announce all of this here to simultaneously push my own (worthwhile and largely academic) work off on an additional audience, as well as to yank the chain of the former admins who probably still come here every day to see if I posted anything new.

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