This blog is a satire of the now-defunct ICQ chat service, which is thankfully dead because I destroyed it.

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Damn You're Gluttons for Nostalgia

I see that people keep coming to this blog even though ICQ is dead and the blog is essentially nonfunctioning. It's not that I mind; I'm sure the brilliant satire and properly tagged pages of this website will continue to drive significant amounts of traffic despite the demise of ICQ- after all, for some time this blog was arguably getting more traffic for ICQ than anything else.

Since, though, some of you are fans of JohnLennon the immortal savior and liberator of this realm, I figure I'll throw you a bone and make this post before disappearing for some months again by revealing five important bits of information.

1. I am the lord and master of anything I choose to attempt to dominate. I came to ICQ and conquered it, I conquered youtube and eventually crushed my competitors in whatever genre of material I chose to do so in. I am now conquering the occult world, and I'm well ahead of virtually all competition already. (No seriously you have no conception of how many copies of the Red Dragon I sell and that's just one of dozens of titles I've released.)

2. I am indeed the person most responsible for ICQ's demise- at least secondarily- one could argue that the OPs themselves were most responsible because my own raiding never would have come about had they not been unfair.

3. I'm not even thirty and I'm now the most (in)famous person in my ancestral lineage going back at least to the 1700s.

4. lock/lock00 was utterly wrong; the two people he predicted would be the next president of the United States (Joe Biden and Jeb Bush) are respectively not running and dropped out. The third, Hillary, is barely holding on to a meager lead over a socialist and might very well be in a jail cell soon if the immunity granted to her staffer yesterday is any indicator. Told you so lock.

5. Librairc is still functional. TNTease' site is just a snoozefest. This makes me moist.


  1. I think is the best chat site in my opinion and it's the most similar to our old icq. That librairc place is just boring and I can't stay there for more than 5 minutes.

    1. lol isn't that tntease's irc net? Main chan looks pretty dead to me. That being said I'm not really a fan of libras net either. I guess the demise of ircqnet will be the end of my ircing. Feels man, since I been ircing since the 90s.