This blog is a satire of the now-defunct ICQ chat service, which is thankfully dead because I destroyed it.

Sunday, December 6, 2015

Want More Satire? The Lennon-Legend Continues!

Have no fear folks of the now-fucked ICQ, that great old network that lasted for twenty years but got tigerfucked by trolls, raids, spammers, scam artists, religious zealots, biased moderators, and most importantly yours truly, one special prodigal son, that great legend of pure power and abyssal evil JohnLennon- the network may be dead but that hardly means the fun has stopped!

Previously I mentioned that people could migrate to any of a number of other sites ranging from ICQ-like to utterly different; I have decided for the time being to (occasionally) drop by librairc, and have made peace with that site after realizing that my own frustrations appear to have, all along, been partly echoed by some of the OPs now there- possibly even libra herself. Maybe she's not so bad after all, and I do see fewer wanton bans on her network than I ever saw on ICQ. For those, thus, that wish to join me there, just google librairc.

I have constructed, as I mentioned before, a blogspot here for links, satire, cartoons, videos, and so forth. As of right now I'm a third of the way through editing an extremely important renaissance-era alchemical text and I have a major backlog of work to edit, illustrate, write, and otherwise labor at for some time to make up for three weeks of shorter time spans available to actually do so; with sales creeping upward (and already above my anticipated goal for the end of 2015, which makes me feel accomplished) I need to hammer the last nails in the coffin of self doubt so to speak before the new year, which I suppose will probably be as shitty as 2015 was with all the war, stupidity, and general social breakdown we've seen since the last time New York's testicle dropped at times' square. What a crappy city New York is.

I have to inaugurate my entry into this new age of chatting (and trolling) with a song so I'll be making one next week. Ave!


  1. I stopped by a couple of these new networks last week. You can tell yourself whatever you need to tell yourself to justify having somewhere to chat, buddy, but all those staff even though they only got a small userload are way way still obsessed with moderating their networks. It's not hard to see they don't have as much an interest in having somewhere to chat as they do still admining somewhere. That applies to both libranet and the one Tnttease came up with.

  2. I miss ICQ. It was the best chat I knew..Nothing else is comparable. That libra's place is boring and empty. Never will be popular as ICQ.

  3. These people are nostalgics. ICQ was pure crap. Libra is a savage-pathetically moderated crap. Generally all instant chats suck. But you can cyber as much as you wish in private, I suppose. Or not even? o.o Instant chats are for cheap instant hook-ups. Join a forum!

  4. Librairc has five or more ops in the major channels. Check #40_something to see what I mean. One in the op tower and the rest just lurking. Even the fag Matrix is trolling for men there.

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  6. Uhm just to let you know, mentioning your link on librairc = gline. Lol.

    [06:33] but he has a lot of youtube subscribers lol
    [06:33] and hated the chanops with a passion

    [06:33] <*status> Error from Server [Closing link: (hi@x.x.x.x) [G-Lined: No spamming/flooding 246 - Contact us - filtered by at 13/11/2015 ]]
    [06:33] <*status> Disconnected from IRC. Reconnecting...

  7. And this was in no way flaunted in front of them, just the posting of the link was enough for a gline. There were no opers in the channel at the time, only their iban bot I believe.