This blog is a satire of the now-defunct ICQ chat service, which is thankfully dead because I destroyed it.

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Lord Lennon Was Probably Right

Well folks it's the magical first of December and ICQ is still there; in fact the only thing that (so far) has changed is exactly what I predicted; the main page of ICQ chat is gone and replaced by a page directing you to download their clients.

Looks like the former OPs were either wrong and talking out of their asses, or people got slightly confused; let me assume Libra was correct in her client-based surmisings; since when does "we're removing the chat pages and using clients now" mean "people won't also be able to enter chat via embed."?

Tomorrow we will be assured as to ICQ's total fate. Unless the admins are just on their lunch break with some caviar and imported American cigarettes right now I believe the chatting service will remain online and we're just seeing their removal of their own extensive pages of embedded rooms- because, as I said prior, nobody uses them. This streamlines chat.

Indeed a new dawn of relatively "good" chatting may be upon us; to expand ICQ's chatting by retaining the embedded, web-based rooms and pumping them full of new users using oh-so-popular clients in Eastern Europe, North Africa, Russia, and parts of South Asia, would be the savior of this network.

If the administrators (who are so frequently using dead emails it seems) do so, then a new dawn is upon us and ICQ will rise again from the ashes as a phoenix. I'll be licking some doorknobs later so I won't try logging on again until tonight.


  1. Yep, the chat applet is gone yet the rooms are open. Curiously enough TNTease still has her oper status even as bots ravage the main rooms spamming her ircd...

    I do hope that the owners clean house and hire a new ops team, one that will just focus on flooders, and have a link of some sort from the ICQ client to chat. A bit like how yahoo chat was back in the day. One can hope heh.

  2. That would be really great if they keep the rooms. I like ICQ chat very much. I hope they won't bring the server down.. Let's just see the next days..

  3. TNTease is a crazy egotist and her own server will not be online long enough to be a threat to ICQ's network- not that it is anyways; her bots are merely annoyances that have been overlooked by administrators who are too busy trying to fix the damage done by the former OPs anyways.

    I wonder if her server can remain online with a few thousand people spamming? heehee