This blog is a satire of the now-defunct ICQ chat service, which is thankfully dead because I destroyed it.

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

I Declare White Peace with Librairc and War on

It has come to my attention that my anger at the OPs has been slightly misdirected and that the admins of ICQ (from and TNTease as well as a few other OPs are the ones largely responsible for these issues we are now having. By the way, I still want libra, or someone on the OP team to explain why the hell TNTease was made IRCop so many years ago.

As such, I will be moving my operations to librairc and chatting peaceably there while directing all fire at With this far more focused blast of retribution her server is assuredly not long for this world.

I urge you all to assault her server until it is overwhelmed and taken offline, or until she abandons it.


  1. Blah that place seems like chanops and clique central...

  2. Maybe so but many regulars have moved there, and I would rather focus my energy on TNTease, who deserves a good hammering, rather than on people who may well have been largely uninvolved in the latest drama. This doesn't mean I "like" some of the former OPs there, merely that their own transgressions are minute compared to those of TNTease and her cronies. I will crush her server like the skull of a pig.

  3. I'm in no way affiliated by the network, but I've gone to now. It has a much more ICQnet feel of old with barely any moderation, only one oper that I have identified so far who seems fairly laid back. Granted that comes with a cost, the main channel is like 20something on steroids with all the pervs and weirdos that comes with it.

    Still I respect your choice should that be it.

    Peace out.

  4. We need to hit their servers and hit them hard or be judged paper tigers.

  5. Fuck the .info site, fucking spammers. I'll fuck their server too after I'm done with TNTease.

  6. “But if you take away my voice, what is left for me?"
    “Your beautiful form, your graceful walk; surely with these you can enchain a woman's heart.
    Well, have you lost your courage? Put out your little tongue that I may cut it off as my payment"
    "An eternal night, without a thought or a dream, awaited him: he had no soul and now he could never win one."

    "You have suffered and endured and raised yourself to the spirit-world by your good deeds; and now, by striving for three hundred years in the same way, you may obtain an immortal soul."

    "After three hundred years, thus shall I float into the kingdom of heaven," said he.
    "I shed tears of sorrow, and for every tear a day is added to my time of trial!"

  7. It is sad to see Lennon bow down to The Bearded Islamist Immortal and his Wh0re Libra

  8. ok here's the scoop, TNT has an ircop that has gone to the dark side and just told libra and just found out TNT and libra don't talk which surprised me, because I thought that they would at least keep in touch, anyways, I tried to tell TNT about her bad ircop but she does not seem to either care or want to know about it.

  9. also, nimrod over on alpha is a rogue admin ircop but no one there cares or believes it or know it and don't care