This blog is a satire of the now-defunct ICQ chat service, which is thankfully dead because I destroyed it.

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

A Slew Of Updates

It's now the second of December in Russia I believe and getting later in the afternoon here in the states- I have a feeling that the "services" being ended by ICQ were, indeed, as I predicted was likely the case, merely the embedded rooms and main pages of ICQ chat itself.

This ameliorates what would have been a chaotic frenzy if chat had died outright- judging from the enormous increase in traffic to this blog in the last 24 hours it's entirely possible librairc and (respectively libras server and TNTease' ripoff chat site) would have been overwhelmed by new traffic and would have actually gone offline. A single-server situation like theirs is incapable of coping with the amount of traffic that ICQ can with its own larger system.

As such here are some updates.

1. I will be adding new embedded links to this blog and probably reformatting it somewhat to gear it more towards largely replacing ICQ's own main page. I said years ago that tagging individual pages was advantageous given the nature of modern browsing (I was ignored by the OPs; I could have increased ICQ's traffic fourfold in a single weekend had I been given the chance, and that might itself be understating the importance of tagging. This same concept is also the reason for so many "why don't I get any attention" youtube posts, I learned this as early as 2008!) Making the tabs more indicative of linked content, rewriting descriptions, reformulating the tags, and adding more tabs to flesh out the page, will all need to be done within a few days. It will take some time since I have to do them individually in the layout.

2. For the time being, librairc and are non-issues for me. Had ICQ died outright I'd have raided them immediately and called on the rest of you to do the same in conjunction with a 10 or so hour long live youtube stream designed to crush them with hundreds of subscribers joining the melee. Libra and TNTease ought to be very thankful they were wrong (they probably were just lying and knew it.)

3. Since ICQ appears to be alive and well "HELLelujah" won't be the final ICQ song. At this point it has become a sort of lyrical "story" recounting my chat adventures and inspiration there.

4. Today is literally my first day in three weeks where I am not doing work that requires me to usually be up before the sun and continue working until the late afternoon; even though that work gave me the ability to use the internet while working it still limited my leisure time. I've gotten several times as much literary work done in the same time period as I expected, and reformatted the Grand Grimoire entirely.

5. Another post will come tonight, listing ICQ's commands, for new users who may not be familiar with them. Please direct those who ask such questions to this forthcoming post.

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