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Sunday, November 22, 2015

TNTease Is the One Deploying Spambots on ICQ: Let's Rip Her Server To Pieces

In hysterical news it turns out that the person running the ICQ ripoff server and flooding half of ICQ with fucktarded bot spam to advertise it is none other than the infamous TNTease herself; a miscreant who felt my ire long ago on #christianity because of her biased moderation (she didn't take kindly to people pointing out the problems with christianity it seems.)

Somehow she still ended up becoming not just a chanop but an IRCop on ICQ's network; why libra and the others thought she was competent to be at such a level is beyond me, but it's clear her egomania has led her to craft her own network rather than joining libra and the others on theirs- do I sense a little bit of internal strife? Perhaps an argument or two? Some jealousy or perhaps a love triangle? I'm probably going to hit a little too close to the mark if I speculate any longer on this general line of reasoning.

 Since it is clear TNTease is nothing more than a bitter opportunist seeking to inflate her own delusional sense of self worth by trying to get people to use her server (which is worse than libras and less populated, which is hilarious to me) I have decided that I will declare war on her as well. Maybe I should let the folks at know that her overall site design, its name, and even its help link are close enough to those of their own site to probably pursue copyright claims. It's not like TNTease has the chops to take on an apparently multi-million dollar corporate entity. It doesn't take a genius to know that what she's doing is morally dubious at best and at worst possibly illegal.

I also decided to create a separate blog here for her apparent effort at pretending she's in charge of some sort of new ICQ. She's not; she was just an IRCop. Her site will fall far faster than libras.

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