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Monday, November 16, 2015

Some Goofy Shit: The Global Announcement Is From Immortal And Mentions Libras Site

That's odd, since the OPs aren't OPs anymore.

Although the global announcement for ICQ is also posted on ICQ's own web page and presumably involves, thus, administrative decision making, I think something fruity is going on at the moment.

Why would the global announcement regarding site closure mention a site that has nothing to do with ICQ chat? Why would immortal have posted the announcement to begin with since he isn't an OP anymore and has his own work to do on a private server?

I have to assume the administrators (who know nothing about the operations of the chatting service) had to beg immortal to send out such an announcement because they themselves don't know how to do shit- they're too busy using emails that don't go through to care enough to take five minutes to learn how to do such a thing.

I'm also going to assume the allusion to libra's irc was posted on the announcement either without the consent of the admins, or that libra and immortal told them they would only help them post the announcement if such an allusion was included to begin with. TNTease was briefly online two days ago as well, and took a good reaming before she got bored, as is proper.

It's also possible that the former OPs are still screwing around on the site to their hearts' content since the admins don't know shit from shinola regarding the chatting service and probably wouldn't know if they were there anyways. Maybe it is they themselves planning to fuck the site on December 1st and this is a ruse.

Either way it matters very little; It doesn't particularly matter whether this is actually administrative or whether libra and her motley crew of goofies are having a chuckle at the chatters' expense (something I wouldn't put past immortal or TNTease especially.) At least one of these bumblers is still infrequently activating their OP abilities as well- probably the script-happy immortal- since someone enacted a ban when I was harassing TNTease- who amusingly claimed to have nothing to do with librairc. If it happens again, librairc will be wiped out by raids. That's a fair warning, immortal, and your server is a hell of a lot easier to fuck up than a much larger site with so many more populated pages.

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