This blog is a satire of the now-defunct ICQ chat service, which is thankfully dead because I destroyed it.

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Now Announcing: The Librairc Blog!

Hello ICQ.

Since libra and her lackeys have not removed their disruptive (and probably unauthorized) chanserv announcement I have taken the liberty of constructing a blog similar to this one dedicated to librairc and her network there, for the purposes of doing exactly what I am doing now; satirizing the site and its moderation, and making witty jokes and music about the whole shebang.

Over time I have no doubt that this will result in more trolls being attracted to the site; the mere existence of my (fairly well trafficked) ICQ blog does more to disrupt it than my raids ever did, impressive as the latter may at times have been.

Plus, chatrooms are hilarious, especially when you have had a beer or two- so there are now several possibilities, and on the first of December thousands of people will watch my balls drop like Times' Square and await the happy moment of the final revelation of ICQ.

These possibilities are triplicate in nature; first, ICQ might be utterly tigerfucked- if it gets utterly tigerfucked I have no doubt that it will be the former OPs doing the tigerfucking and not the admins; I've already explained that the dubious nature of the chanserv announcement indicates that libra and immortal are merely making use of what would have been just a web page closure, to fuck their own former network. I also have a strong belief that the spambots on ICQ belong to them, due to their numerous nature and their message flooding bullcrap.

The second possibility is that I am wrong, and that the admins are indeed just closing the web page and its direct embedded chatting service. In that case ICQ can breathe a sigh of relief because you'll be able to access the network, either by clients, or by directly embedded links on my own blog; use the side tabs to navigate to whichever room you like most and then use the /join command to join any other rooms you wish from within the embedded room you first arrive on.

The final possibility is that every aspect of this is a ruse of some sort and the site has been compromised, either by the former OPs or by script kiddies. In this case hilarity will be had and the network will keep struggling along like a feral cow with two sprained ankles and early stage brain cancer.

Librairc, though, is tigerfucked regardless by me, because war has begun there and a blog is now active dedicated solely to satirizing it. Libras server has about 1% of the traffic that ICQ does and far less prevalence as far as offsite links and mentions go, so it's far weaker and more prone to raids to begin with.

I encourage all ICQ users to pour onto her site and flamebroil the OPs there should ICQ be closed or compromised in any way.

I'll be making more posts both here and there soon. My extensive period of "more hours than a 9 to 5" work is done after this following Friday so I'll have a couple days before December 1st to prepare for the festivities.

This time of year I get a warm, fuzzy feeling, from memories related to the no longer forgotten music blog (sadly now inactive, although some of the obscure music download links still work- you can visit it here.) and my first efforts at writing. By the way, for the few of you which care, I just created an edition of the Philosophical Merlin while working at my other efforts, and will soon be releasing works respectively on sonic occultism, sports occultism, and a re-edit of my very first book, which was a medium-length grimoire containing a variety of material.

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