This blog is a satire of the now-defunct ICQ chat service, which is thankfully dead because I destroyed it.

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Lennon Stardick

Lennon played you all, trolling good with Sean and Dogmai,
And The UA from Hell
He played you all man, and trolled you too far
Became the special clan
Now this is Lennon's land

Lennon really sang, screwed you up and screwed the chat too
Like a crook from Saipan, he would make your girls leave you
He would rave and would rant
He came on so loaded man, he talked like a goofy man

So where was the UA
When the OPs tried to break my balls?
Just the midnight to shine on
And you bitched about my screws
And now I've crushed ICQ, no!

Lennon played for time, trying out a new stratagem
And the nazis came fast
Aw, he is the best
That god never had
I took it way too far
And now libra too is scarred

Having sex with your chatters
And I humped them while trolling too
Laughing at you all each day
When you OPs have killed the chat
I'll have to find a new flat, oh!

Lennon played... you all...

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