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Thursday, November 12, 2015

ICQ Closing Part of its Site

An announcement was posted on ICQ today which several people have already asked me about. It's funny to me that so many people look here for ICQ related news, but I'll do my best here.

Yes, ICQ is closing something; unfortunately this announcement doesn't make it clear whether this refers to the chatting service itself, just embedded chatting (on the site itself), or to the actual ICQ chat web page. It also doesn't make it clear whether this is permanent or related to maintenance.

I'm going to go ahead and assume that this relates to the web page and not the embedded service itself; and while it might be related to maintenance (which hasn't, let's face it, been performed on the website itself for a number of years) I predict it will be permanently removed and the chatting service become vestigial, if it stays open at all.

Most of ICQ's service is related to mobile use and messaging systems, not to the web-based chatting service. In this day and age such services are becoming less frequently used, especially where they're text only. Someone suggested that this has to do with terrorists trying to use ICQ to communicate- this is possible, since some of the islamists present on ICQ do indeed rant about jihad and death to (insert nation here.) I highly doubt that this is the reasoning, though.

If ICQ does shutter its chatting service, thousands of people will be hysterically displaced from the site and forced to find somewhere else to shitpost; this would be a bittersweet thing for me especially, since it can only be related to the loss of OPs and the prevailing wave of trolls and shitposters, so it would make me "kind of" responsible for putting the last nail in ICQ's chat coffin. At the same time, though, it means I have to find other venues to shit it up on; probably IMVU like in the good ol' days.

I have sent out an email and, as soon as I get an answer to what specifically is closing, and for how long, I'll make another post- which might very well be the final post of a blog entirely related to what might become a dead service.

EDIT: The email doesn't work, which was predictable because of the arcane methodology behind's site administration and its various offshoots. I suppose we have to wait and see.

EDIT 2: It's possible someone managed to crack the site and this is a troll attempt as well come to think of it.

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