This blog is a satire of the now-defunct ICQ chat service, which is thankfully dead because I destroyed it.

Thursday, November 12, 2015

ICQ Chat Service is Presumably Closing

Libra herself confirms the closure. Click to enlarge.

Although I spar with Libra and her private server's moderators have a vested interest in ICQ dying, I have no reason to believe that this is wrong; if so, rejoice! ICQ will linger around like a dying leper but the chatting service, beleaguered by years of nonstop drama and warfare will finally be put out of its misery like a suffering leper with metasticizing scrotal cancer.

Apparently the embedded services will be the ones dying, replaced by ICQ's messenger; so the rooms will be there inaccessible except from a linked account of some sort; which is easily the most retarded idea I ever heard; I now wonder if the site admins were the retards all along and this was all their fault and not the fault of the OPs at all.

Indeed it seems likely; what's the point of switching a chatting service over to such a system when a large number of the users remain there specifically because they DON'T have an interest in such things? Seems a little odd to me.

It matters little though; if ICQ dies I can finally declare an end to the third Lennonist war (the second ICQ war) and find somewhere else to target.

For all of those who wish to migrate to greener pastures there remain several viable options.

1. Runescape. No, seriously, people chat there as much as they do anything else. Mining ores and slaying zombies is optional.

2. Dalnet. For the true IRC addict it's basically the same as ICQ's services minus the slight upgrade to aesthetics on the embedded service. It's emptier than ICQ.

3. IMVU. A 3d chatting service where you can modify your avatar with various clothing or whatever. The room user limit is quite restrictive but it's okay anyways.

4. XAT. Sort of the youth-friendly ICQ of sorts, it's slowly dying but it has at least a half decade left in it, I believe. It's overrun with emos and scene kids though.

5. Any of a thousand small, largely empty chat sites on the internet usually revolving around a specific nation or religion. They all suck dicks.

So there you have it folks, go get depressed and swallow some beer to ease your suffering because ICQ is probably going to kick the bucket before Yule. As an important aside, it is possible that ICQ is merely removing the embedded service on ICQ itself. If this is the case, you may still very well be capable of accessing the rooms in embedded form from this very blog. I suggest you attempt this on the second of December, and if it still works trust me I'll be completely overhauling this blog and embedding everything I can get ahold of in tabs. Thus, if ICQ retains the flash service needed for embedding the chat itself, and it still goes through, then all is well for you lower-tech folks so long as you come through here.


  1. I just talked to libra, they are closing the rooms permanently.

    1. isnt it about time u guys grew up, libras worked damn hard on icq for years & years, without a word of thanks, and now ur attacking her own place too, so so childish. Issac uk room

  2. Libra and the other OPs were responsible, at least in part, for the sad state of ICQ as it is today.

    TNTease is more responsible though so her server will take precedence in this epic winter war.