This blog is a satire of the now-defunct ICQ chat service, which is thankfully dead because I destroyed it.

Monday, November 16, 2015

I Declare War On LibraIRC

I have come to the conclusion that it is likely that Immortal and/or Libra have hoodwinked the ICQ population. It is now my belief that it is they themselves, not the administrators of, that intend to cripple ICQ chat on December 1st, and this belief is based on the following premises.

1. The admins are very unlikely to have posted an announcement with a dead email.
2. The admins are very unlikely to have posted LibraIRC in the global announcement or to have allowed it to be posted since they intend to retain chatting functionality, or so it is said.
3. The admins are probably incapable of doing so anyways.

Between my freak ban two days ago and TNTease' sudden arrival just prior I believe that the former OPs are still returning (probably under other nicks) to raise Hell; this only convinces me further that a lot of the shitbots on ICQ are theirs; who else, exactly, would have a reason to put them there?


I have given her moderators an ultimatum. They have 24 hours to remove the announcement or their server will be attacked with raids unending. They will inevitably have to lock it down and this will cause it to starve for users.

The basic battle plan is simple; I will prepare my own forces for a massive hellstorm of trolling. To all ICQ users and my allies across the web- tell others of their treachery and await the next post, where war will be confirmed or called off depending on whether Libra listens to reason. For half a year I mostly ignored her server so she can't claim I was always at war with her or any nonsense like that.


  1. We operate out of #20_something. We had nimrod email the server owner a couple weeks ago to try to do something about the flooding and he told him that he was discontinuing the service and would no longer support it. Not that any of us like libranet, but they aren't lying.

  2. I always suspected these IRCops were behind it all. I think they must be taking revenge as they were forced to leave icq...They must be behind all these spamming too, and they plan to shut icq down so other chatters will join their new server and they'll command again..

  3. I support the attack! Troll their fucking server to death like they did to icq.

  4. Take Libra and her op scum down! I even told the irc masses it was libra and her cabal flooding the channels

  5. I think you're wrong.
    Running a server does not cost much (to But moderating it, is expensive, if you have to pay moderators. What ever motivated libra to leave icq (or on the other hand, what motivated them to moderator for free before?), now icq would have to hire moderators.
    Libra does their irc net, allchatnet does a irc net, "icq-chat" does one (and will get trademark problems pretty soon).
    All of them hope to profit from the dying

    But icq ( seems not to plan to support the chat any further. I do not see how to reach the webchat from their main page anyway, so i guess it was more like "we always had this and it just works" and now its like "Its all broken, time to get rid of it".

    Libra is not the solution, but i do not think the net will keep running.
    Not sure why they are recommending libra, maybe they are thankful for years of moderation.

    OTOH: If libra really has the power to edit notices on the webchat, you may be right and will stay. I am thrilled to see what happens on 1st of dec.

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