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Saturday, October 24, 2015

Offending People Is Awesome

The small but vocal minority of people in the world comprising the general body of politically correct whining trust fund babies has once again struck pay dirt on the field of outrage by proclaiming Halloween costumes to be subjected to their standards of what is or is not "racist" or "bigoted" or "offensive." The fact that these retarded, whining progressives so-called are mimicking evangelicals circa the late 1990s is key here; in both cases a claim is made that somehow, somewhere, people are being oppressed because something they don't like has been said or done.

Back in the good old days of Dubya and Bushisms the GOP and their evangelical buddies repeatedly complained about there being a war on christians or a war on christmas or a war on traditional families- oh how many wars they worried about while ignoring the more obvious one in Iraq. Now, though, the new liberal generation of armchair activists, convinced they can change the world with a Facebook page, have taken root, and taken over where the antiquated evangelocons left off; trying their best to make everyone else miserable.

I began to notice this synchronicity between yesteryear's' moralist right wing and today's moralist left wing a few months ago when Eminem got back in the news with "offensive" lyrics which were "misogynistic." Well no shit, it's not like he's the same Eminem who once fondly rapped about wanting to deposit his tied up ex girlfriend in a lake or called his mother a bitch. Now, the nouveau left thinks we need some form of censorship to keep people from telling them to fuck off when they act like morons. I can see how this would be construed as harrassment since 99% of what they say and do is moronic. Really though, we're all being harassed by these shrill, shrieking harpies and their cuckolded asexual male counterparts.

The backlash will be swift and severe as it always has been in the past; every single time some self proclaimed new wave authority seeks to impose its will it ends up getting older, falling out of favor, and getting its ass pounded by the next generation; I suppose I should apologize to those currently exiting childhood and heading towards young adulthood for my generations' more retarded offspring; don't worry generation-after-mine, we'll soon be rid of their whining when we show them the door, politically and socially. Even funnier, these trust fund babies, almost all of whom are white, pretend they speak for minorities, even though they live in lily white areas and the only minorities they ever see are the token black kid and the sushi chef that they pretend to like but internally their own closeted leftist racism makes them feel responsible for these lesser life forms, as all of them would undoubtedly call them if they were being honest. It's like a Jane Goodall effect; these mind numbed so-called academics, few of which have studied anything outside of womyn's literature or holocaust history or some other niche-of-a-niche degree background look at the average minority and feel so sorry for them that they want to hug and pet them like they were animals, and protect them as though they were incapable of doing so themselves- these retarded trust funders are just shy of Victorian settlers in their evaluation of the capabilities of minorities and, to me, resemble well meaning but unhelpful whites as they came to Africa and tried to civilize the poor, starving natives there. And when these minorities stab the liberals in the back (proverbially and physically) from time to time the mindless liberals don't even understand why it happened. I can tell them why even if they won't listen- it's because their presence is not appreciated except by a few token fringe loonies who happen to have more melanin than they do. Most of the people they claim to speak for think they're a bunch of weirdos and so do I.

So take your desire for censorship back to North Korea and your bumbling, foolish, drooling adulation for all things "ethnic" back to your co-op and shove it where the sun doesn't shine- postmodern statist progressivism is a dying brand that will, in a few decades, be looked back upon the way people today look back upon the beliefs generally accepted as true in the days of the 1950s. I can't wait until these red haired, horn rimmed glasses wearing, dragon dildo whacking freaks are outmoded by some new group of movements that will see them with a visceral hostility usually reserved as a description for what happens when you shove a broomstick up an elephants' asshole.

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