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Saturday, October 24, 2015

I Predicted Libra's Server's Failure in 2013

"After not checking for several months, my predictions have finally come true- the site is largely deserted, and instead of active moderation seems to be using primarily bots now to govern it. The muslims swore to me that the site would grow when they built it in a mass exodus from #middle_east and the defunct #islam_chat on ICQ, which gave me a chuckle.

What very, very few people realize, is that websites (forums and chatrooms especially) are essentially similar to cities or city-states in the olden days- where a combination of defensive strength and immigrant attraction are necessary in order to remain at a stable equilibrium, and even moreso for a chat site to grow.

So while a general purpose site will grow vastly if it innovates, a standard IRC based site like theirs never had hope to begin with- with IMVU and 3D sim style chat gaining popularity, XAT and optionally paid-for service remaining stable, and ICQ investing effort at expanding into parts of the world where computers can't usually handle 3D or flashy chatsites like XAT, Islamchat's independently run, standalone site was like a small medieval village in comparison with vast, well fortified realms of great wealth.

In fact, my own attacks on chatrooms and chatsites mimick the tactics used in the olden days- asymmetric, guerrilla style assaults, the use of psychological rewards in return for brute manpower during raids, attacking during hours when moderation is less likely, and larger campaigns on critical holidays, all work fine at disrupting people enough to get them to leave.

And when people leave, sites wither.

Islamchat experienced a series of tough raids in 2012, several dozen of them in fact, one which lasted almost 12 hours before any moderator could get there to stop it- the psychological war continued with massive blasphemy and drove a large number of its users off.

Ironically, the beleaguered muslims are now right back where they started- as islamchat began to depopulate, most of those users moved right back to #middle_east on ICQ, where I knew all along they'd go. The chatroom has picked up traffic quite a bit since its demise.

I also predicted that a lot of the christians who fled to other sites would slowly filter back into #christianity despite it being delisted- and this has also come true, with several users who began their own sites or which went to dalnet now spending more time sitting on their ass debating whether jesus was a homosexual on ICQ.

The fact of modern doctrine is this- that independent sites do not generally grow (and tend to die off rapidly) unless the progenitor site of the exodus has completely gone belly up- for example, Facebook never would have become nearly as popular as it is today had Myspace not killed itself off- and attempts to form Facebook-esque sites will be fruitless until Facebook either A.) becomes so bad that at least half its users leave or B.) becomes defunct."

So now libra's own private servers join islamchat and christianchat in the graveyard of nations, all three of which I had a direct hand in crippling. It didn't even take her attempt as long to fail as it did islamchat, although she managed to hold out longer than christianchat did (about three weeks.) Damn I'm good.

I'd say "told you so" but that would be superfluous.

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