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Sunday, July 26, 2015

The Retarded OPs of Chanops

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Somehow, libra has outdone herself in regards to letting dubious people run rooms on her (largely empty) server. I was trolling at a whim and nobody was stopping me because all the higher ups were passed out (probably drunk as usual like they always were before; libra is a whiskey swilling Scot after all.)

Then in World Trivia the OP was actually awake but instead of banning me accidentally opped me, blocking a ban by the other OP. This is something I don't even think I ever saw on ICQ. The sheer ineptitude of the entire moderating team is on full display; but the site is so damn empty it's barely even worth trolling at all, let alone jumping a ban on the odd occasion anyone is awake and sober enough to notice.

This is why I think libra and her cronies were fired rather than resigning; surely if they resigned they would have planned ahead so their own server wouldn't be a sad, empty clusterfuck. It's like going to that local mall in your town that was built in the boom times and now has one dilapidated clothing store and a chinese restaurant whose owner is probably losing money just by sitting there staring blankly and pretending the fried rice is still edible despite sitting in a plastic bucket for three months. Sure, the mall has bathrooms that work and that comparison is apt too because 10% of the users chatting there are "me" and all I'm doing is shitting.

Also just like ICQ the word censoring is beyond retarded; "sex" is banned but somehow "bitch" and "fuck" aren't. It's like the site was made by a bunch of retarded bonobos typing with their big dicks- and that's probably pretty close to the truth.

Only in the deranged, retarded minds of the former ICQ ops does this make sense.

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