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Thursday, July 2, 2015

How ICQ Was Liberated.

This chart depicts how ICQ came to be liberated by the allied forces, fighting against the axis of the OPs.

Roughly half of ICQ had already been liberated over time as the ranks of OPs thinned due to continuous fighting- some OPs abandoned the battlefield months ago, leaving the remnant weaker. Encountering limited resistance, the forces of /pol/and and the Lennonist Army marched through liberated land to the northern border, driving south across #middle_east and #ICQ_USA while the spam alliance conducted an aquatic landing in the east, slicing across the middle of the area, separating the OP forces at the juncture of #20_something and #30_something. Double aquatic landings in the south by Odin and the UA drove north, meeting up with the spam alliance there and liberating #ICQ_International and #lost.

The OPs stood their ground at #middle_east for some time and finally began to withdraw to librairc and chanops. The chancellor administrator of all ICQ, long supporting the OPs, finally abdicated their rule and supply lines were cut, forcing all OPs to retreat the field.

The OPs have attempted to conduct several raids on newly liberated ICQ using proxy forces and shitposting former halfops to spam, but each attack draws many times the firepower in return launched via artillery from the Lennonist republic and Odinville, the former targeting mainly librairc and the latter chanops. Several areas are currently under occupation as order is restored.

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