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Friday, June 12, 2015

Why Is Yusif Even an OP?

Seriously, I think there's a fairly valid question on some peoples' minds these days; why is Yusif even an OP on ICQ, and since he is, why on earth is he an OP in #middle_east where arguments almost invariably break down along sectarian lines?

#Middle_east has had a host of chatters openly applaud jihad and attacks on the US and Europe in the last few months, and ICQ's staff appear not to care. I've given up even bothering to mention this for the most part, even though their entire site could be subpoenaed if it becomes clear it's actually a hot bed for a bunch of camel fucking islamic loonies. Lord fuhrer Putin, whose nation happens to be where's servers reside, can't possibly be very happy with a site that allows a moderator to operate who happens to be a fairly obvious pro-militant fuckwad. Maybe I should email the Kremlin, maybe they answer queries on such topics, maybe not. Maybe could be compelled to sell ICQ to someone else who will actually monitor it properly.

ICQ has finally obtained a set of moderators who do their jobs; after years of nonstop bullcrap we have wildcard, Peppermint, tracy, and others who actually attempt to do their jobs, but we still have this crazy towelhead Yusif shitting it up in a room where he can't possibly be expected not to show a personal bias in favor of islam- but the room isn't #islam, is it? It's "middle_east, an area of the world where islamic militants are making life just shy of impossible for christians, jews, heathens, and yes even other islamists as well, who they frequently attack. To even call Yusif an operator is almost a laughable satire, because the only thing operating is his hands- his brain ceased to do so years ago.

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