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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Put Two and Two Together, Folks: Libra Is Lying To You All

Until today most people remarked ambivalently on my comments regarding Libra and her cronies when I brought up my own feelings on the former OPs of ICQ.

But then I was thinking, don't we all remember April 5th? The strange day that the moderators all inexplicably lost all of their moderating abilities for about a day, during which time the bots were absent or ineffective?

When I thought back for a short time I realized something; I think that what actually happened is that on that day the site admins told libra and the others they were fired- and subsequently libra and her friends managed to convince the admins to let them stay on, probably using the "we're qualified, we've been here for half our lives" and "you have no idea what these no good chatters put us through" arguments. It's also possible libra was worried about being fired and April 5th was a sort of dry run to see what they could do with the bots and rooms once they got canned.

After this I think libra (likely in consultation with TNTease and immortal) realized several things.

1. They were doomed; they may have been reinstated but it was only a matter of time before they were fired again because the same people who complained before could always do it again- and would.

2. They had a golden opportunity to try and cling to their egomaniacal power by fucking ICQ and migrating as many users as possible to a site not administered by

As a result, I predict that around April, libra and others began working on their own site, which explains why it's properly formatted but not fully manageable yet- lacking the sort of sophisticated bots ICQ had; because even though they have the bots, they're designed to work on ICQ, not some other network. They have to fiddle with them to deploy them, and were too busy making their site work (marginally) well to do so.

Libra and the other IRCops realized what had happened, while the chanops were likely kept in the dark about the firings; libra probably told them all that ICQ was going to die, or get reformatted or something, then ramped up the "pity me" meters to 10/10 while explaining that they had to fight against the horrible, abusive, corrupt administrators. She told them she had a cunning plan; a site that would basically be slightly modernized ICQ but not a co-opted site.

Unlike most chatters, who were ambivalent to the former OPs or knew little about them, I've tracked their moves on ICQ for years, specifically because I presumed something like this would eventually happen; the fact that libra herself was corrupt, and that the OP circles were a popularity pissing contest became evident when some of their paltalk logs were posted on pastebin (the real ones, not the fake ones that I posted here as humor after finding them dumped there by a troll.) Because I bothered to know my enemy, I knew libra was corrupt as early as the first days that TNTease became an IRCop rising up from a lowly chanop who mostly just abused people in #christianity way back in 2008 and 2009.

I categorically state here; it is unlikely that all of the moderators suddenly quit at the same time; why would we expect to see not even one remain behind? In fact, if it was a resignation that's more proof libra managed to con the chanops into abandoning a site with thousands of users for one that proclaims 600 users, 20 or 30 of which are both human and active- that total including half a dozen OPs by the way.

As for the bots, and so forth; I presume that fucking up ICQ in her wake was all part of libra's plan to get revenge, or "screw the admins" or "get back at the chatters" who somehow wronged her, despite her dedication to her inner circle crippling the sites ability to function since about 2011 when ICQ began to get dicier. She will no doubt mention my name any time the subject of "what made ICQ go bad" comes up, which is hysterically funny since she always used to decry my trolling as ineffective and at most a mild annoyance, even challenging me on one occasion directly.

For those worried ICQ will die off, it has weathered worse; trolling was worse than it is now in 2011 and 2012 during the mass raids, and the parent company is worth hundreds of millions of dollars. ICQ isn't just a chatroom list, it's also an app, an IM service, and more; ICQ chat alone is worth a cool half a million, believe it or not, based solely on ad revenue.

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