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Friday, June 26, 2015

Libra Resorts to Host Bans/ Bans "Lennon" as chat term

Anyone who mentions some permutation of "JohnLennon", "Lennon", or "Lennonism" on libra's new chat gets automatically banned as a flooder. I can't wait to see the shitstorm when some innocent chatter there ends up getting kicked out for saying it and whines.

Meanwhile some sort of bot attack took place and the site suffered a netsplit or something; they're now also banning hosts to stanch the bleeding from so many spammers, but it took me all of 15 minutes to figure out how to hide my host from them.

Lennonism can never die.

Not that it matters much, there are about ten people active at any time in the one populated room; apparently in the dim minds of the IRCOPs it's better to control ten people than to be on a site with thousands and have to just be a normal chatter like everyone else, or admit that you mismanaged ICQ halfway into the ground in a few short years and refused to cooperate with everyone telling you the site needed some serious reform.

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