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Thursday, June 25, 2015

Libra Fails Utterly

Well that didn't take long.

Apparently the global ban list on libras retarded new site is full; meaning they have to chase trolls from room to room to stop them, or mute them. Also, the natives are restless and the OPs are nervously telling them that the trolling level is only high because "the site is new."

No, it's high because you alienated half of ICQ, and some of us have enormous circles from which to draw talented trolls; I won't give up until your server is utterly empty of users. Although, if I had to guess I'd say it's getting empty partly because it's a shitty site incorporating the worst aspects of ICQ under your command; namely corruption, stupidity, and boredom!

ICQ meanwhile is paradise on Earth. So you traitors are welcome to your oh-so-special "chanops" nonsense. You shouldn't have spammed your link on every damn room; if you hadn't I wouldn't have pursued you there like a dragoon riding down a band of pirates ashore to get drunk on rum and whores.

Oh and Scarlett I noticed you turned coat too. Shame on you. Looks like wildcard and Gremlin are the only OPs that were ever trustworthy. I hope you chanops were just conned gullibly into serving libra in her egomaniacal idea of heaven rather than reigning in Hell like I am. I'm more than just a leader now, I'm a savior. Whenever you want to return to ICQ, you may; but if I see any former IRCops there I'll make them miserable and make sure everyone else knows to do the same.

I studied linguistics so don't bother trying to deny who you are if I call you out, by the way. Have fun whacking off mentally to the thought that a whole ten people are using your server at the same time! It's a heyday for the OPs having ten whole people to respect them!

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