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Sunday, June 21, 2015

Libra Announces New Private Network

Following in the footsteps of such heavily trafficked and well organized sites as, libra has apparently decided it's time to announce her own private network (hint; probably because she got assblasted over her moderating by her handlers and ragequit.) Oddly she's now spamming about her new retard network on ICQs own communications, while simultaneously continuing to hold IRCop powers on ICQ- a conflict of interest that didn't get overlooked by others...

Immortal is complicit too- no wonder these fruity retards have been ignoring TOS for months. Who can blame them, since their own failures led to the heavily spammed, trolled state of ICQ that exists today? Let's hope they stop using ICQ altogether because it would be far better without these cunt twat fucking losers shitting up the site.

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