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Sunday, June 21, 2015

Libra and Her Lackies' Retarded Claims Refuted

Herein are the top five things Libra and her anal buddies are currently shitposting all over ICQ while advertising her (far smaller, and corrupt) private network- doing so in part using ICQ's own communications capabilities and forum, like shitfucks.

1. ICQ is insolvent

That's funny, I told you back in 2010 to redesign the site and get some ad revenue and streamline it and make it more interconnected to other platforms. You ignored me; if ICQ is insolvent (unlikely) then it's your fault.

2. ICQ won't be here soon

This seems to be just a scare tactic to drive users to your own private network; shame on you for being retarded. People have been saying the same thing for years. In fact, the only thing endangering ICQ is your own attempt to shit on it. I'll shit on your private network myself.

3. Libra resigned peaceably due to constant complaints

No, you resigned after getting your ass put in place by your handlers over repeated claims by chatters and mods alike that you were ineffectual and corrupt- which you are. The same goes for half a dozen of your lackies.

4. It's not the OPs fault for the spammers and flame wars

As I said years ago, I was the one who brought most of the trolls to ICQ- and I did so specifically because you ignored everyone's plea to moderate more fairly. The last batch of spam raids and bot attacks has nothing to do with me, but you should be capable of dealing with this while moderating fairly.

5. Libras irc will be a nice happy place full of cool rooms

Like with all other attempts to design split-off private networks, this too is likely to fairly quickly fall into disuse; ICQ has persisted for years with only a few thousand active chatters most of the time, libra's irc will be lucky to hit a few hundred; and it's almost sure to be just as corrupt as ICQ has been for the last year under her guidance.

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