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Monday, June 22, 2015

ICQ Now Under the Control of Hippies, Anarchists, Mobsters, and Perverts

ICQ has finally been restored to its former glory back in the good old days when the moderators were more absent; without all the crappy bots and useless dead weight OPs fucking up the site it now resembles a sort of paradise of free speech; which is exactly what most of us wanted.

Sure some of the spammers are annoying; but even the worst of them is less annoying than some retarded OP banning people for speaking against the evils of multiculturalism, islam, or ignorant OPs themselves. This is exactly what many of us wanted all along.

Meanwhile libra et al. continue to harp and whine on chanops about how somehow, despite them being in control of the site, it's the fault of trolls that they "resigned" and they "chose to do so!"

Well that's probably bollocks libra since everyone left at the same time; if this was a resignation and not "the OPs got mass fired for ineptitude" then I'd expect a few of them to have remained on the site- I saw BOSS and Yusuf and took the piss out of them and neither responded by magically opping themselves.

And if you do in fact retain such powers the site will just fall to shit if you use them anyways because it should be abundantly clear that you're not wanted on ICQ by the majority of chatters; most seem ambivalent towards the spammers.

click to enlarge the stupidity!

As to this comment on your (mass spammed) chanops thread; I already pointed out to br0 that I didn't think you removed the chat link- and Yusuf and BOSS apparently don't have access or are too downtrodden to use it. And your last spiel is even funnier; you and the rest of your limey buddies used to say the raids weren't connected to the delistings and that what I had done was meaningless; so which is it, libra?

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