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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Former ICQ OP Report Cards: My Take

Since the OPs have thankfully withdrawn to their largely dead private server, filled as it were with mostly auto-connecting but offline users and bots posing as humans to make it look less abandoned, I figure it's time to rate them all on the basis of my observations, which span from late 2007 to a few weeks ago when they left forever.

Libra: F

Libra spent most of her time offline or AFK and rarely answered queries by users other than some bullcrap on the chanop forums. If she alone had left the site would have improved.

Yusif: F

I'm not sure why libra tolerated someone who was obviously biased and ignored 100% of islamic spam and breach of TOS while banning anyone who even cracked a joke about Muhammad. Importing him to her new server is worth a laugh.

TNTease: D+

TNTease occasionally made sense but mostly just shit on users with her own bias, which was tolerated by the IRCOPs before they promoted her to the same rank.

EpicMahlon: D+

Mostly a ban happy egotist.


BOSS gets a C because his overreach and ban happy ways were ameliorated by his infrequent opping.

Immortal: C

I never had a big problem with immortal, personally, but he was a die hard libra lackey and appears to have rarely challenged her nonsense.

George: C+

Another IRCop I never had a big problem with, but who appears to have been offline 99% of the time, doing little other than controlling autobot to impart (sometimes unfair) bans while ignoring islamic spammers.

Sicilia: C+

I originally liked Sicilia but she turned into just another libra loyalist by the end.

Annie^Jo: C+

Annie quit ICQ years ago but receives a mediocre score on the basis that she was biased, but occasionally tried to maintain order.

Scarlett: B-

Scarlett was tolerable and did her job but apparently decided to stick with the OPs rather than the chatters.

tracy: B

Also a tolerably good OP but now a loyalist to the traitor regime.

Peppermint: B+

Peppermint I thought would be problematic but quickly found her footing and did a good job at applying TOS in an unbiased manner. She also tried to help chatters who had questions.

mandie_UK: B+

Mandie was someone I sparred with at first but I realized that most of what I had thought was her ban happy ways were just frustration. She thus gets a pretty good rating.

Aussie_Lady: A

Aussie_Lady did a great job in her chanop capacity.

Gremlin: A

I'd have given Gremlin an A+ but sometimes he chuckled and allowed actual idiots to continue attacking rooms. He was, though, at least able to stifle his bias and apply the TOS evenly.

Wildcard: A+

Probably the most effective OP and the only one that allowed discussion and debate and upheld TOS while still banning actual idiots.

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