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Thursday, April 23, 2015

War Declared on #Middle_East

Although there seemed to be hope for some better moderation after wildcard (apparently?) returned and Peppermint began work (both of which are doing their job properly) some idiot is still abusing the bot on a regular basis; not a big surprise, probably Yusuf defending his oh-so-precious islamic butt buddies and their jihadi ilk. It would be awfully funny to start holding daily meetings with my now over 16,000 subscribers there or something of that nature.

Anyways, I decided it was time to relive the good old days back when trolls poured onto the site; the overall effects of those same raids were quite odd- it basically fucked up the targeted rooms beyond all repair, but at the same time it seems a lot of those trolls ended up becoming regulars elsewhere. I have to admit I was surprised, and quite pleased. I still laugh when I think that this may have actually reinvigorated what had been some declining rooms, turning them into hostile troll dens that were nonetheless more active.

Honestly I really wish the IRCops would largely just leave; for the precious time the site was unmoderated it was far more peaceful because idiots and freaks could be drowned out by righteous trolling that was no longer subject to suppression. In the case of #Middle_East the fuckwad muslims openly praise jihad, ISIS, and other fanatic groups and endeavors and never get so much as a warning, but saying islam is a lie is considered a racial or ethnic epithet. I have to assume whoever's running ICQ is a retarded multiculturalist of some sort, or else they'd see the difference and switch sides in the debate over whether it's really necessary to have a bunch of crapistanis and pigrabians ranting about how great their gay king Osama was before he became a disfigured, bloodied corpse.

I don't care if you find the truth racist, or bigoted, or whatever it is you delusional Europeans term standing against jihad and taqqiya these days; I've always called a retard a retard and a fool a fool, and the entire chatroom is wall to wall screwery when you're banning people for complaining about the rabid zeal of islamists who are openly proclaiming their terroristic intents, on a public fucking chatroom of all places. Meanwhile, you choose to ignore those same preaching, whining islamists, who themselves are just as bigoted against anyone who happens to live west of arabia; the abuse aimed at Indians, Americans, and the French is especially atrocious. I wonder sometimes if I ought to get an actual federal agency involved with monitoring the room because of retards like baaaz who openly proclaim their desire to either support or join a terrorist network.

If you want to bend over in half to accommodate islamic convert seeking, taqqiya, and their constant and dubious statements about internationally recognized terrorist fronts, be my guest; hopefully someone better connected than I am notices this and launches an inquiry.

The best thing that could happen to ICQ is that most of the moderation staff get fired and replaced by people who have a working brain.

Enjoy the raids!

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