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Sunday, April 5, 2015

The Reign of Charle-Lennon Begins

Having been recognized as supreme commander of the Lennonist army and liberator of all mankind from the clutches of tyranny and censorship, JohnLennon is here depicted shortly after being crowned Emperor of the world by all states on Earth. Shortly after, he declared the world anthem to be "Revolution" by the Beatles, then declared his titles void and monarchy dissolved permanently along with all theocratic functions in all states. First, he vowed to hunt down any remaining obstacles that stand against free speech, having the royal jewels melted down to buy "some horses that looked good because he wanted a brigade of Hussars not just tanks and other mechanical shit."

Thus the reign of JohnLennon as Emperor lasted about seven minutes, as he rejected the idea of Emperors unless it involved Disney movies. He decided to retain the title of "General of the Lennonist Army" and "Commander of the Lennonist Navy, First Group."

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