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Saturday, April 4, 2015

The Lennonist Revolution Has Come

We are happy to report that already the troops of Lennonism are marching through every city of ICQ bringing forth the joyous news of our lifetime.

The putsch has come.

Overthrown by the Reich, all acting moderators have been stripped of their power and are absent at this time. Their offices at #ophelp are now sealed and empty. For years the few that were uncorrupted sat by powerlessly as the rest abused their power and used it to exact a hideous censorship upon the population. Worse, they acted with impunity, with many asking if they were accountable to even the rules they themselves crafted.

I personally vouch for and nominate wildcard, Aussie_Lady, mandie_UK and Scarlett as possible candidates should a new moderating team be constructed and should the more corrupt moderators continue as exiles. I strongly recommend to site administration that all other moderators past and present continue to remain powerless, for numerous reasons.

I like to believe that I have had a hand however small in the restructuring of the moderation on this site. Perhaps I am naive in assuming it will improve but I have hope.

The great age of tyranny has finally ended, after nearly five years of constant warfare. ICQ, awake!

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