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Friday, February 27, 2015

The Case of the Retarded Moderation: Dear Fuck You're Retarded

At least one moderator on ICQ has taken to abusing Autobot in #ICQ_USA to enforce their perverted, biased opinion of what does and does not constitute acceptable speech. It's not immediately clear who the retard is- although I have a "pretty good idea" that it's either Yusif (a pathological islamist who would love nothing better than to let aberrant paid shitposters run roughshod over the room) or TNTease (who hates me with vigor and who used to do similar things years ago in #christianity.)

As for my part I can jump bans and don't give half of a shitfuck what any moderator thinks of what I say- there's nothing you can do to keep me off of ICQ. I get along with some of the chanops and IRCops because they actually enforce stated rules and do so with an even hand.

What pisses me off is that this is the sort of thing making the site retarded in the first place- first it was your retard bots and your retard ban word lists causing even regulars to trigger a ban, then it was the entire fiasco with unfair moderation in general; now at least one of you is an utter retard not even bothering to hide their bias except to hide it from chatters by cowering behind your oh-so-important autobot. I wonder if the other IRCops even know what you're up to, or if you're just a shitfuck and nobody cares.

What's even worse is that you have avowed spammers and shitposters on the site being ignored when a moderator is provably online, because that same moderator was, moments before, controlling autobot and banning dozens of people at a time (often without a warning being given at all.)

I strongly encourage whatever rule-abiding chanops and IRCops are left to complain about this- surely you're aware of the inherent bias of some of your fellow moderators.

As for myself, I refuse to take this sitting down and now intend to launch raids as often as possible in as many rooms as possible until the problem is solved.

And Sicilia I replied to the chanops ticket- you know full well I don't keep logs, but I copy pasted the ban message anyways. I hope you take over for the ineffective, bumbling leadership ICQ has now- you're one of a few moderators that actually does her job.

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