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Friday, January 16, 2015

Tareeq the most Braindead Islamist in ICQ_USA: tracy the Moderator is a Fool

A small selection of tareeq's stupidity

Last night the entire room was treated to a laundry list of cool new facts, courtesy of tareeq, who appears to be a self-proclaimed expert on all issues. The fact that he's also a paid propagandist and taqqiya user is clear.

First we learned that the Paris attacks were a hoax because "the man's head didn't explode." I tried explaining the difference between the results of armor piercing rounds versus, say, hollowpoints, and he quickly changed the subject to 9-11 (another hoax, according to tareeq, and the result of a planned demolition.)

In typical islamic mode he then changed tactics, talking about Israel; everyone on ICQ knows I oppose the warmogering zionists as much as I do the warmongering islamists, but tareeq ignored this, apparently. He then claimed to be an Italian marine, but later said it was his father who was- he then failed to answer when asked what standard gear Italian soldiers actually used.

Then he claimed that there were no mountains in Germany- which was even funnier. Several times I actually had to close out chat because I was laughing too hard to type. He then devolved into insults after talking about owning "A Benz" and having a 200,000 dollar a year allowance. I pointed out that he was probably conflating dollars with the Yuan but he ignored that, too.

Finally he began talking about his second home "In Detroit." Everyone had a major laugh since you can buy a home there for 5 dollars if you're willing to live in a structure without running water which is missing an entire wall or part of the roof (to tareeq the Tunisian-Italian immigrant this would seem "normal.") At one point he threatened to "use his bazooka to blow up my basement." I don't know why he owns a likely Korean-era antitank weapon, but it'd be funny to see him put the projectile in backwards and fumble with it in vain, sweating nervously as onlookers chuckle at him.

He also claims to be University-educated yet also claimed to be 17. So either I believe he's an extremely rich trust fund prodigy, or a keyboard warrior; I'm leaning towards "keyboard warrior."

And while I write here I might as well point out that the moderator "tracy" gravitates between being AFK and doing nothing, and banning large numbers of chatters for civil discussion- I asked that she be shadowed because her moderation is beginning to truly bother me, and I will begin attacking rooms where she is present if she doesn't shape up or resign.

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  1. br0d1n here.

    I have logs on him over 2 years that would make a hilarious file.