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Thursday, January 1, 2015

Baaaz Strikes Again

Baaaz wanted to take me to a gay bar.

Everyone's favorite long-winded and grammatically challenged islamist had been in hibernation for the last few weeks, but he came back today on the first to ring in the coming of the new year by doing what he always does.

Swiftly discouraged by a horde of nonbelievers, baaaz resorted to his typical claims about Jews and Americans, but then devolved further for the first time, now apparently claiming that anyone criticizing his crappy sandbox yurt dweller country is "jealous." Nobody was sure what to make of this, since Pakistan has among the lowest qualities of life of any nation on Earth outside of Africa, and lies somewhere just shy of Tonga or Laos for GDP per capita- at least they're ahead of the Sudan.

The thought of a wealthy Laotian buying baaaz' yurt makes me smile, but unfortunately he fled several times and then ultimately went silent.

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