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Friday, December 12, 2014

My (Mostly) Absence For a Week


Odin sent us a fun storm but c'mon.

Yours truly has not been on ICQ much for the last week- part of this is work related, and a larger part is weather related.

My area is currently suffering from the aftermath of a damaging ice storm which has kept the power supply tenuous at best now for four days, and when there's no electricity there's no internet access here. When tree branches are randomly snapping off because of the weight on them, you know there's a problem.

Added to this, I've been doing an immense amount of literary and other work recently- I've been producing a large amount of music which I hope to release as ambient and experimental work (it's an acquired taste) and a large amount of written material- a collection of Morbid Stories will soon be out on Amazon, and the book is now 50% edited for content, length, and format. I've also begun other projects- so many that I'll be hard at work well into 2015.

Ambient work

Organ Processional work

Experimental/Noise work

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