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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Ratuj and the Gay Phishing Link


The gay Ratuj has been spending some evenings in #ICQ_USA lately, rarely chatting, and apparently busy PMing every chatter to ask them a very odd query.

Since I have multiple nicks he made the mistake of doing it to me twice- the first time he asked me how he could make his girlfriend fatter, and then offered to show me her photo- the link he provided was a (fake) facebook link meant to phish personal information. This night, he asked how to make a "group of ten people" he "manages" gain weight, and then tried to pull the same crap.

I pity anyone dumb enough not to notice that his link isn't apparently he's tried it with others to similar degrees of (un)success.

Upon being called out publicly, he promptly suffered a complete emotional breakdown and went apeshit, attacking other users as well as he denied having done anything.

He then ranted about the mujahideen and started insulting an off-duty moderator who pretended not to be amused at Ratuj' obvious middle eastern origins.

A good time was had by all... except the phishing scammer.

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