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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Old Pastebin: Libra Shows Her Incredible Bias

Only recently did I realize that a number of private conversations and room content had been posted to pastebin in text form by multiple parties- it was a hoot to read through what was said, away from the prying eyes of the general community of ICQ. If the people chatting on the network knew what their head moderator really talked like to the rest of her inner circle, they'd be up in arms.

Indeed, libra, and others, with their high and mighty attitude, appear to operate more like an episode of "Seinfeld" than a cohesive moderating staff- replete with backstabbing, racially tinged comments about one another and other chatters, and a number of other subjects, including alleged hacking by IRCops and chanops using script backdoors, as well as blatant bias and ineptitude.

In fact, after reading through just a half dozen such pastebins, I found myself wondering if I was surprised or if, in my cynicism, I should have expected that the people most directly in charge of ICQ policy and rule enforcement are so haphazard and corrupt in their actions and words.

You can read through the most juicy of pastebins where libra exposes her contempt for other moderators as well as certain types of chatters- here are a few of the funniest excerpts.

[08:47pm] [Gremlin] Stop lecturing me, I know you have a crush on your little turk-toy-boy immortal
[08:49pm] [libra-away] you are going too far chris, this is not your bussiness whom i have crush on

[08:51pm] [libra-away] besides immortal is not turkish, he is kurdish
[08:51pm] [libra-away] that is the difference
[08:51pm] [libra-away] i am not fond of the turks either

[08:56pm] [Gremlin] Stop telling me about ircop morality. Most of the new ops and ophelpers are sluts, LillyRose undressed for me on cam to make me op her, duh
[08:56pm] [libra-away] we all know Lilly is a chat prostitute
[08:56pm] [Gremlin] But she has a nice bum
[08:56pm] [libra-away] she is pathetic
[08:57pm] [libra-away] low life east european

[09:01pm] [Gremlin] Now this is funny, TNT has become an ircop only a year ago
[09:01pm] [libra-away] it doesnt matter when
[09:01pm] [libra-away] she is a christian freak

As to the deal with Gremlin, the story is a bit murky and the IRCops don't want to discuss it- I've heard about three versions of why he left and/or was removed, and I can't find anyone able to prove any of the versions right or wrong- but the real kicker here is that libra is more or less universally seen as the head of the head moderators, and in this private conversation (which Gremlin himself must have dumped to a pastebin) she utterly exposes her own bias and ineptitude.

There are more pastebin contents of interest, but this one is the most important of all- personally I've felt that libra was incompetent since about 2008 or thereabouts, I've seen some of the newer waves of moderators a lot easier to swallow, people like wildcard and catalyst largely do a good job, and Immortal and George are respectable if often AWOL, but libra has lost what little bit of respect I might have had for her before.

Of special note; in one of the pastebins she also openly admits that ICQ is on the decline; important, since every time it's mentioned the moderators don't discuss it. I've told these pure goofies before that if I was on their team they could expect great things, but even my chanops application was denied at the time- perhaps I'll resubmit in the future- because it's now woefully apparent that they need to get rid of some of their dead weight and get people in there that know what they're doing.

Other web-listed pastebins:

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