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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Empire of Lennon Declares Tolerated Religious Groups

Under the black sun of the occult, the catechism be taken.

The Empire of Lennon, in accordance with its philosophical findings at the first conclave of Lennonism, hereby declares that there shall be three tiers of religious groups within Lennonism.

The first tier, composed of all forms of paganism and the occult, as well as Hinduism, Tantric Buddhism, Satanism, and atheism, is tolerated and accepted fully, and study thereof encouraged.

The second tier, composed of all other forms of Buddhism, as well as agnosticism, gnosticism, salafism, sikhism, zoroastrianism, mithraism, orthodox and catholic christianity, and mystic judaism, are tolerated and accepted fully, however their use is not encouraged directly.

The third tier, composed of mormonism, scientology, protestant christianity, all forms of islam other than salafism, and all forms of non-mystic judaism, are not tolerated and are condemned, although at this time no specific punishment other than verbal condemnation is prescribed.

Assorted cults and smaller religious groups of course may or may not even be connected to these others thereof, and as such judgment is withheld at this time, with all such groups to be considered neither condoned nor condemned.

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