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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Moderators Ignore #Atheism

Someone's message flooder in action in #atheism

Moderators on ICQ mostly ignore anyone who goes to ophelp (because they have better things to do like finger their anal regions) but lately they've been ignoring the increasing attacks on #atheism resulting from someone using a message flooder, which either disrupts or disconnects most users unless they themselves use scripts designed to block all private messages.

Since this has been going on for about a month it's probably safe to say the moderators are either uninterested in, or unable to solve, the issue- presumably I am not the only user who has chuckled in ophelp as the moderators either sleep or pretend to be offline.

The only reason I even care is the likely fact that this is the same Blockah from before with a new script- a user who is presumably christian and thus delusional, likely getting a rise (and erection) out of "attacking the heathens."

God help these people if I ever bother to learn scripting and build a program like this- I'd be destroying every room at the same time and doing it for weeks nonstop, day and night.

Five moderators none of which are online or care- as usual. The idea of shifts never occurred to ICQ.

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