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Sunday, February 23, 2014

Vermont Has the Highest Per-capita Winter Olympian Count in the United States (Sochi, 2014.)

"Vermont is hicktown and the USA is full of fat people" -GrandWazoo

GrandWazoo has been on and off all day, likely moping through his beer because Germany placed 6th in the gold medal count at Sochi- two spots below the supposedly morbidly obese, inept United States.

This chart, especially, will be brutal for him- turns out "hicktown" Vermont has the highest number of olympians per capita at Sochi of all states- and let's face it probably most regions of the world, not to mention we dominated some of the events utterly.

It must also suck that the aggregate IQ of Germany is about 2 points below that of Vermont...

Sorry your day sucks so badly, Wazoo.

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