This blog is a satire of the now-defunct ICQ chat service, which is thankfully dead because I destroyed it.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

The Legendary Return of #Witches and Embedded Wiccachat

It looks like my previous post from January was jumping the gun just slightly- had I bothered to check on wiccachat, I'd likely have seen that they restored the embedded chatroom links to #witches and #innercircle (the latter of which is embedded on this blog as well.)

This is an exciting time- wiccachat, thus, is not actually defunct, is still being at least sporadically maintained and updated, and it is still possible to resuscitate interest in what is essentially a very good website, in fact, this opens up all sorts of possibilities in the near future.

Here I will reveal something; that my severely overdeveloped trolling persona JohnLennon is an egregoric extension of my own spiritual force, and contains a great deal of charismatic and symbolic power.

Behold, if I were to die and get put into the cold ground today, people years from now might still talk about the crazed troll who used to come by and destroy rooms, people might even miss me, even if they pretend to hate me.

It is through this power that I extend my grasp further into the bowels of the Earth, solidifying my own presence, growing strong by sucking the life out of others.

So task #1 at this very moment is to shock life back into both #witches and #innercircle as well as wiccachat in general- a task made easier by having literally thousands of wiccans, pagans, and satanists as contacts, considering there aren't any other particularly vital, living sites with chatrooms dedicated to such topics.

I was going to experiment with forming my own IRC room, but for now I will rebuild these bastions of mysticism.

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