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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

The Disappearing Grunchley

I can't seem to get any straight reporting on his status, he may be deceased, in prison, or just have gone underground.

Now we have an update on the ever-gregarious Grunchley, whose laptop has 6 gigabytes of ram and 60 gigabytes of geocache-related programs.

It seems the wild Grunchley, prized for its fruity ways, has gone missing from the web- his twitter appears to have been deleted (other than embedded twitpic archives) and his website is gone- it's not clear whether he was driven off the internet, or whether he kicked the bucket, or possibly, perhaps, he is now "Grunchley the felon."

This was all rather sudden- at least as late as early January he was twittering away happily, as evidenced by @grunchley tweets from other users, including, oddly, Chase Support on the third of January.

Did he fall into a ditch while geocaching in the wilds of the pacific northwest? Did a disgruntled husband attack him severely after he found grunchley grunchling his grunch of a wife? Did Grunchley secretly live a double life, selling heroin on the side to obtain more geocaching equipment? Did he delete all of his content after people who knew him saw this blog and flipped their shit?

I will investigate further in the coming days and attempt to release the true story of the wild Grunchley here.


The wild Grunchley is apparently alive and well and still geocaching, he seems to have removed most of his online presence after other ICQ users, realizing he had a twitter and website, stalked him.- I do not condone such behavior, as the purpose of this blog is largely satirical.

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