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Sunday, February 16, 2014

Sinbad Accidentally Gets Banned

Sinbad forgets about autobot.

Sinbad has been coming to #christianity more often these days, mostly to seek converts but also to impersonate lock by spewing the same kind of nonsense, youtube links and general hatred of the west in general and America in particular.

Thankfully for sanity's sake, Sinbad isn't particularly intelligent and seems not to understand how autobot works- much like how I used to deal with kokorecci and other idiot islamists, it is possible to get them to ban themselves by using words on the ban list- this secret, sacred list of forbidden words is known only to a few, and methods of trespassing without a ban equally secret, so people like me have a great advantage over both the islamists and less powerful trolls.

In this case, the unfortunate Sinbad was driven to insanity by my incessant attacks, and resorted to the extremely common islamic tactic of mother insults- insults including the word "whore" which, much to his dismay, trigger autobot.

A good time was had by all, but especially by me, because now he'll spend at least an hour cooling his heels (and likely sulking in other rooms, ranting about how ICQ is a tool of the imperialists.)

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