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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

ShootingStars' Rap

 Supposedly this rhymes

 <ShootingStars> Look, I was Going to go Easy on you on (Lose your self) Song but i couldn't let you get off the hook
<ShootingStars> its like something about to happen but you don't know what so get ready to get shocked, oh yeah you already know what it means Cause i don't trouble troubles until troubles troubles me then i be the reason wy troubles are being troubled
Black-Wolf has quit (XMLSocket Connection closed)
<ShootingStars> Let it be from the First Part and have it the hard way ( Six Minutes Slim Shady ) i'm a Muslim and i'm so crazy...
<ShootingStars> i don't care about what your doctor orders All i know that you are a rap Frog and you crossed the limit and your country crossed their border, All Mu People from the front to the back Nod Now if you think Slim is a rap frog and its time to turn off on the JOkeBox,, they say i well i don't Care about what they say about me, all i care is about punching you in the eye,
<ShootingStars> And Make you pop out of the Joke Surprised gift box and punch The clownbot again and make the batteries pops out,before you feel the pain and shout !
<ShootingStars> But Before You sell your crap like a computer Must be that the nonsense in your genes, so lay back i'm an arab so quit your crap and lay low when sharia law comes to the scence...... I Gotta a Laptop in my Front Pokect and My Pen'll go on when i plug it to the socket, Peace be upon The PRophet,, You and Bill and All the zionists committed alot of micheive invaded innocent ppls lands to get oil Made a living by killing off it...
<Runner> ShootingStars you're a loser
<ShootingStars> Who Really care Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky .....imma Muslim and Still a the same and i like to be modest but as rough as flow on disbelievers and make em yell,,May God spare Us from hell, go back to school and be attentive at class before running to the school bus with your lawzy Syllables and stay before the rings of the bells,Killem All With This
<ShootingStars> Didn't have the Chance to Go on LastNight, but today i Can so lay back you are the Loser you don't punk Drug and Nonsense Abuser
<ShootingStars> Nobelity, Cruelity,Multi Hip Hop, You don't want to get intto an upsetting Match with this Rapidly Rap,Packing A Mac in the Back of The AC Back Rap !! ( Stacking Tupacs instrumentals back of the AC Rap its times to Turn off the AC and send ya along with ACDC shelf with their song called high way to hell) Kiddin Quit your crap i'm an arab i could be your hemorriod doc so lay back and stop the quick quak, Before i get the mic and
<JohnLennon> this is priceless
<JohnLennon> I should put this on the ICQ blog

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