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Thursday, February 13, 2014

MaChiNe Can Fuck Himself

MaChiNe remains oblivious to his mistake here.

MaChiNe has been one of those moderators that might remain AFK for hours at a time, doing nothing, then magically comes alive only to raise Hell and make situations worse.

Offline for long periods while tending to his alpaca herd, MaChiNe has an innate internal ability to know when a nonmuslim is trolling on #middle_east, and almost invariably remains outside the room until this happens; however, MaChiNe is magically offline whenever muslims are attacking other rooms.

Unlike some other moderators MaChiNe's blatant bias seeps through into his job- for while other moderators might at times begin debating semantics in other rooms, MaChiNe never seems to chat, merely coming to spoil the fun of those of us who are infidels.

Amusingly, MaChiNe is either oblivious to who I am and what I can do (maybe because he never chats with other people) or knows but is egotistical enough not to care- either situation will leave him with the same inevitable outcome; because I'll go into rooms and raid them while he's present.

Attempting to teach MaChiNe the rules of chatting with me.

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