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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Baaaz Shows his Antisemitic Taqqiya

Like Yusuf and other islamic ICQ chatters, baaaz is fond of attacking jews when not in the company of christians.

It has long been known that Baaaz and other islamic chatters on ICQ have deliberately subverted and used taqqiya to fool christians and atheists into thinking islam is a tolerant, progressive religious group; to the unmedicated, it's fairly clear this isn't the case, for liberal muslims don't attempt to convert people on chatrooms very often, so ICQ gets mainly the extremist wahabi dregs of Saudi and Pakistani society.

In the company of christians and atheists, you will rarely if ever see the muslims attack jews, but when they are in #middle_east the topic often becomes the focus of the entire room- Yusuf, baaaz, lock, and a few others (the wahabi convert seekers, mostly Saudi or Paki) will ream judaism up one side and down the other at the same time that they proclaim the US to be the Great Satan.

I am not a supporter of overtly imperialistic Israeli foreign policy, but neither am I a supporter of the filthy conniving wahabi convert seekers- the jews and muslims on ICQ and elsewhere, always try to get christians and atheists to pick a side, when both sides suck, kind of like a game between the Cleveland Browns and the Oakland Raiders.

So now you can see, the way they speak when it's just muslims present, when they think nobody is watching who might be offended and start disliking islam, is not the same as the way they speak around you and your friends.

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