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Sunday, January 5, 2014

Tomprophet is a Crazy, Bitter Old Man

 Tomprophet's slow descent into lunacy continues.

Those who frequent ICQ already know that tomprophet is not quite "all there." Indeed, these days he spends a great deal of his time telling others their sexual habits are disgusting or degenerate in some way.

Unfortunately, he's getting more testy as time goes on, perhaps out of boredom, or maybe out of spite for a room which used to be his to run- whatever the reason, his verbal assaults upon others have increased in the last few months.

This takes the form of a death spiral- tom argues with someone he dislikes, and insults them- other people point out his insult and ask him to refrain from such shenanigans, and tom then gets more bitter, and more prone to insulting others when he logs back on after a long day of running over small animals with his motorcycle.

In fact I don't think anyone ever saw tom/tomprophet use profanity until the last few months- an odd change in behavior, which he chalks up to "the entire room being assholes" (which is an oddly self fulfilling prophecy, because the likelihood others will egg him on is increased when he reacts in this manner.)

In other news, I have temporarily postponed the raid planned for tonight, because I am using my usual source of troll backup for other purposes.

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  1. hey wait, did someone call me a bitter old man?
    btw where is wazoo?