This blog is a satire of the now-defunct ICQ chat service, which is thankfully dead because I destroyed it.

Sunday, January 5, 2014

The Return of the Raids: ICQ Christianity is Besieged

In a happy turn of events, someone appears to have embedded #christianity on a stand-alone site that they hashed together- this means it will now be possible to do greater damage to the room without the added effort of embedding on a wordpress page (since blogspot has limitations I do not wish to discuss.)

This means that, starting tonight, it will now be possible to lock up the room really well using wave after wave of attacks to wear them down.

Those who remember the 2011/2012 raiding period before the room got delisted (and before my methods became outdated) have nothing to fear- JohnLennon will soon be back to roll around in rancid intestinal slime while choking on vein spaghetti.

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