This blog is a satire of the now-defunct ICQ chat service, which is thankfully dead because I destroyed it.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

ICQ Christianity in +r mode for two days (Registered users Only)

Yes, goyim, we shall save the chatroom by destroying it.

It wasn't surprising to me that mere hours after my blog post about raiding the room, the ops decided to put +r mode on and leave it there- although much like delisting the room they seem not to understand that it kills the chat.

At this point though the room is so unimportant (especially compared to its former userbase) that I am sure they continually debate whether to remove it altogether- while this would be hilarious to me on the one hand, it would also be slightly sad to see it go, since half the regulars would probably just leave altogether if it wasn't there- actually even leaving it on +r for long enough will empty the room eventually, giving me the ultimate chuckle when people realize it's dead forever.

I have actually considered building my own religiously themed chatroom on ICQ with me as the moderator- but I am sure that if it gained traction, at the earliest possible convenience they would remove me from authority and staff it themselves (at least in part to troll me.)

Considering my massive base of support on youtube and elsewhere, not to mention my soon-to-be presence in the literary world (and other ventures) I think it would be easy to attract hundreds of regulars to a new room- I am weighing whether it's a viable idea or not- and this new room (which would cater to all religious debate) would have far more clear rules regarding use- namely don't be an asshole and no topic is off limits regardless of how controversial it is.

Islamic convert seekers would, of course, be banned on sight.

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