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Thursday, January 9, 2014

A Note to the Moderators about Blockah. Raids, and Doing their Job

Don't be Stupid

Although some of the moderators on ICQ do quite a good job, others are AFK exactly at the wrong moment- in this case when at least three users were in ophelp telling them flat out that Blockah was using a spam messenger to disconnect other users.

That I was apparently Z lined for pointing this out and telling them to do their job was equally frustrating- while being disconnected/banned isn't a real issue for me (muh ban jumps, muh IP changes, muh multiple usernames, muh proxies, muh raids, muh hegemony) it would be nice if they would, in the words of Theodore Roosevelt, "Do their damn job for once."

I get that you folks "have a life in the real world"... so do I, but if I was an IRCop I think I'd try to create some sort of schedule by which there would be at least one chanop online on the damn site at all times.

I've spent most of my time on ICQ joking around and satirizing other people- much to their chagrin, dismay, or amusement, whatever the case may be, but it's not a surprise that ICQ has severe issues when there's no moderator present at the exact time of day that most issues arise.

Of course, if you refuse to clean up the problem, I'll handle it myself- I think we all know what the Lennon strategy usually is.

I've even thought about hosting a 24/7 live hangout on youtube, specifically designed to simply aim the webcam out the window while the description admonishes thousands of people to pour onto ICQ to really give you something to complain about- thankfully, this feed wouldn't get flagged down unless I go total newfag mode and am dumb enough to tell people "by the way this is a chatroom troll raid."

I've also considered applying as a moderator- I am online far more than most of you, and I could sure as hell deal with trolls, seeing as how I've learned every trick in the book devastating a half dozen chat sites over the course of half a decade.

Thank you.

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